Baden Johnson: Founder of The Isolated Penguins. Has exhibited in many solo and group shows Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra. Finalists in Fleurieu Art Prize 2000, John Leslie 2004, Polish Foundation international drawing Prize 2013. Mural commissions and performed in two international online performance art fest. in New York & Utah Museum of Art. Low Live 4 & Low Live Occupy Movement. 2012. Baden is the social realist of The Isolated Penguins. Baden’s work is in collections including the City of Knox, private collections in Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide, Queensland and Vanuatu.

Wade Saliba runs the YouTube Division of The Isolated Penguins. Wade is a musician and long time collaborator with Baden. He has been involved with several bands in the 1980’s & 1990’s and began producing electronic music in the mid 2000’s under the name of Wild Audio Society. Wade producers satirical images based on the daily news as an Isolated Penguin.

Euan Graham  is a Canberra artist who began painting and exhibiting at 14 years of age and was trained at Monash University in Melbourne completing a Bachelor of Fine Art in 1993. In 2012 he began to produce street art, adopting Canberra bus stops as a surface for his paste-ups. Due to his growing dissatisfaction with the ‘Gallery Scene”, but also reprises his formative experience performing “New Epoch” paintings in the streets and parks of Melbourne. There is a political and provocative nature to Euan’s work– Uncertain Journeys – produced 2013 and 2015. Exploring the refugee experience, utilising street art techniques – stencils and spray enamel paint and more traditional mediums. In 2017 Euan was awarded the Empire Global art award for his work “The Cat Bell” a stencil work described by the judges as “elegant in a slightly sinister way”. His current work “New Winter Themes” explores climate change, from the bleached coral of the Great Barrier Reef and to the wide spread of bush fires. Euan is a prolific artist who exhibits regularly. He is represented in The Australian National Gallery Print Collection and in Private collections in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and the ACT. His work can be viewed at

Lynda Horsborough’s art has always reflected her inner world, through expression,symbols and colour. Since the lock down she has been isolated and has observed the developments of the Covid 19 crisis globally. So now she is responding to current scars on the Earth and society. These new works are the clash between her inner self and the outer world. [no web link]

Ajanta Judd delights in creating unique & original photography, poetic imagery, original poetry, prose, creative, biographical, autobiographical, factual and fictional writing plus other art forms, commentary and articles of interest. She seeks to share, challenge, inform, entertain, aesthetically delight, educate, enlighten and expand the experience of all visitors.

Karla Sauer has painted all of her life. her main theme is portraits, but she is on a journey of seeking spiritual truth and meaning which she puts into her art. She is a qualified art therapist, through art therapy she teaches individuals to become more self aware, confident and how to express through art, the world around them. Karla sees the troubles in the world and the causes, but uses her art to focus on the positives, shinning the light on the darkness.

The work of Regan Tamanui describes notions of what it is to be mixed cultural heritage & weaves in threads of popular culture & historical cultural references. Regan specialises in commissioned portraits & murals using stencils to produce small to large scale works on paper, canvas & buildings.

Celeste Vonthethoff is a dreamer at heart, her my art is inspired by the swirling around inside me. Each piece is a cathartic adventure…. Creating is a big part of my life. I’m so thankful to be able to share my work with others and hopefully share a little happiness too.

Jane Elliston became a water colourist after she retired a few years ago. A part time resident of Phillip Island, she has a deep love of the colours and shapes of that part of the world as well as a love of travel.Through The Isolated Penguins she hopes to express some of the feelings of isolation and frustration the pandemic has caused, and perhaps eventually express hope for a better world on the other side.

Adrian Brooks has spent most of his creative life involved with music. For the last 3 yrs he has found a new passion for visual art. His art focuses mainly on themes of pop culture, ‘everyday objects’, isolation and spirituality. He has only recently been finding his own voice by combining text with caricatures. As with his music he wishes to explore his psyche in his work

Marita Anderson’s current works are based on her life drawing practice. She loves the directness and immediacy of drawings from life using Chinese rice paper and ink brush. These works are then enhanced digitally incorporating visual metaphors reflecting her current concerns regarding isolation and our fragile planet.

Steve Ambry Isolation dreaming…. espalier rosemary and passionfruit, biohazard clothing, driftwood, bamboo and pallet wood shelving, feathertree nursery, and amino acid experiments..

Linda Fry Melbourne Visual Artist. Mixed media,intuitive printwork, digital fusion art and collage Rebel Artist